The Airpaq Production

When it comes to producing our product we place great importance on three important aspects:

#Fair working conditions   #High quality standards   #Sustainable processes

Fair working Conditions

We at Airpaq are proud to contribute to a more environmentally aware and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that it is crucial for mankind to start acting now in order to ensure our future on this planet, and although many people have adopted a similar view, there are still many parts of the world where people struggling to meet essential human needs cannot focus on environmental issues. For this reason, we are convinced that fighting poverty and pollution are two inseparable battles, and we therefore ensure that our backpacks are produced under the best working conditions possible. To guarantee these standards within our supply chain we carefully selected every partner involved, ranging from material collection/processing to production partner. All our production related partners are located in Romania, whose membership in the EU ensures good working conditions, minimum wages, security standards etc. Moreover, our production partner is ISO9000 and SA8000 certified, which encourages the organisation to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace. To further verify our partner’s compliance with our standards, we personally spent a lot of time at the production sites, developing not only our production processes but also close relationships with local employees.

High Quality Standards

Quality=Durability=Sustainability. It's an easy equation. A product that lasts long saves resources, and we consequently want to guarantee the best quality possible and chose our partners and our materials accordingly. Airbags, buckles and seat belts are designed to perform in extreme situations and are hence highly durable. For the remaining materials we chose only the best quality to perfectly complement our key materials. Our Romanian based sewing partner looks back on over 25 years of experience, has modern technology and demonstrates excellent production quality. We were invited to build the production processes in close corporation with our partner’s most competent employees. During that time we could identify and optimize weak spots of our product and also find the ideal way of processing our unconventional materials. Based on this knowledge we furthermore developed thorough quality controls based on which every backpack's quality is tested. We believe to have found the perfect recipe to ensure our product's quality and will do everything to keep it up!

Sustainable Production

The relevance of sustainability in our production processes is essential and finding the right partners was hence crucial to us. All our partners involved in the production process are located in Romania, hence within the European union. The environmental standards of the EU are globally among the highest, giving us already a good point to start from. By clustering all our partners in one region we furthermore assured that they are located within short distance to minimize the environmental footprint created by transportation in the production process. The dyeing and washing process is without any doubts the process that poses the highest environmental threat. We therefore did not leave anything to chance and carefully selected our respective partner - a key player in the respective field with 30 years of experience using only cutting-edge technology with a particular focus on ecological sustainability. To move beyond the EU standards we clearly communicated our partners that sustainability is one of our main priorities and could develop our processes accordingly. In cooperation with our sewing factory we for example developed the most resource efficient processes possible (e.g. avoid using paper/plastic, using reusable boxes in all processes instead of paper boxes, manually choosing/sorting airbags to ensure optimal usage). A last advantage of our European production location is the proximity to our market, which allows us to keep our environmental impact of shipping comparably low.

Our Production
Carina Yasmina Balan and Michael from Airpaq

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