1. How can I clean my Airpaq? The best way to wash your Airpaq is to use a washing/scrubbing brush and brush the rucksack thoroughly with warm water and bile soap/washing powder. The airbag fabric can be scrubbed properly as the material is very robust and strong, so the white part will also be clean again. The interior should be approached a little more carefully, here we recommend classic hand washing. We do not recommend machine washing. The backpack and the color should be able to withstand a lower spin cycle at a lower temperature, but the buckle with the metal parts could damage your washing machine. We therefore do not recommend machine washing. After washing hang it out to dry and if the inner bag is wet, turn it inside out and wring out very wet areas if necessary. 

    2. Where and under what working conditions are your products manufactured? All our products are manufactured under fair working conditions, fair wages and EU standards in a family owned production factory in Timisoara, Romania 

    3. Do you use airbags which were involved in car accidents? We only use airbags that come to us as rejects. This means that we use airbags that are new but have not been able to withstand the strict safety checks. Instead of throwing them away, we simply process them into fashionable accessories.

    4. How big is the laptop compartment and the side compartment? The laptop compartment accommodates up to 15 inch modern (flat) laptops. In addition, the side compartment can hold drinking bottles of up to 1.5 litres.

    5. Are your products splash- and rain-proof? The lining we use for our Airpaqs and Hip Baqs is extremely water-repellent and will definitely withstand rain and splash water. Only swimming with you Airpaq is not recommended :-)